Saturday, March 15, 2008

PhotoHunt: I Spy

One of the traffic jams I used to endure when I drove to my previous work with a non-government organization. It was the perfect time to people-watch and I have curious companions with me- one of which is peeking from the right side of the photo =]


Weather is important for travellers and spies alike. What do you think? Take the survey below =]


  1. Nice companion, but I cannot guess what it (he/she) is ;-)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. The green creature is peeking!! I spy, I spy!! [now the 'thing' in the the yellow, I swear I thought it was Ronald McDonald!!]

    Mine is shared....I have two hidden things in two photos...drop by and see if you can find 'em, if you haven't tried yet!! happy weekend....

  3. oohh..can i have keep tat green sure looks cute ;)


  4. It's always intersting to watch what you see on your commute. I am fortunate that I see some amazing things traveling from my rural home to a small city. Mountains, Farmlands, wildlife. No such traffic jams as you had.

  5. the green guy is actually one of a pair of freebie stuffed toy crabs we got from a local restaurant here in the Philippines =] these green and blue tandem have been traveling with me for the last two years =]

    hope you spy fast, smooth roads, with grand vistas in all your travels!

  6. I'm sure they make good companions - even if they can't talk back :)

  7. I sure spy the green stuff crab too. Live ones make delicious dishes!


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