Saturday, March 08, 2008

PhotoHunt: Different


I snapped this shot two years ago when we were passing through the town of Dulag, in the province of Leyte, some 800-or-so kilometers southeast of the Philippine capital Manila. I saw one of these curious structures on the side of the road in front the house of the town mayor who invited us to stopover for breakfast in his home. I was too sleepy and hungry to inquire about their nature and purpose...

I think I saw several of them, at certain intervals, along the town's main thoroughfare. Each structure is about eight or nine feet tall, with a smooth unpainted finish. Upclose, a wooden pole skewers the "palm" and "fingers" portion of the structure. I surmise that it is a different form of either town or street name marker or a place to put up town announcements.

What do you think?

(I'm having loads of trouble wading through Blogger lately hence the weirdly sized photo on this entry.)

Update 3/11/2008:

I've just shifted to using Firefox as my browser. Blogger apparently works better with it. I managed to edit posts and photos using Firefox hence the erstwhile weirdly sized photo is now back to, um, normal.


It also reminds me of an arm held upright, like that of a person being sworn into office. Sharing with you some of my thoughts on the 2008 US Elections. It would be interesting to know yours as well. Please feel free to take the survey below.


  1. Very interesting. Did you ever see them holding up any signs or postings? Good choice for different.

  2. This is a great photo. What a strange looking thing. It's really rather ugly. Blogger is horrible tonight with error messages everywhere.

  3. not very impressive structure but intriguing.

  4. strange... intriguing... different... words that can very well be applied to my rather benign post and Blogger's behavior as of late...

    *bearing it while grinning, me*

  5. Indeed....this is totally different. For me in the USA, the whole photo is of different culture too.

    My Photo Hunt Different is shared, I hope, if you haven't already, you can drop by and pay a visit. Happy weekend.

  6. Its cool and very different not see anything like that.

  7. Yes, quite a mystery you got here. Let's wait till on of the Philippine's bloggers comes by.

    Have a great week.

  8. Missed this yesterday, I was having such trouble with Blogger!

    It's an amazing photo, great! And very certainly different. I hope someone will come up with the answer :)


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