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Monday, March 03, 2008

Never lost, always found (12): In God's hands, as always

I’ve just come home from a two-day Lenten retreat with brothers from the Ang Lingkod Ng Panginoon (The Servant of the Lord), my Catholic community for single young professionals. It’s arguably one of the most intense 24-or-so hours I’ve been with/for the Lord. And in the course of the retreat sessions, He has made His presence felt and His directions clear(er).

The past weekend came all too soon after the massive February 29th interfaith prayer rally in Ayala Avenue, which we joined, along with other concerned members of the health sector and academe. Despite the encouragement of retreat facilitators to leave outside cares at the doorstep as we, well, retreat to God, I guess He wired me differently to the point that the first questions I asked of Him were precisely those related to the goings on in the Philippines-

What’s happening to my country, God?

Whose prayers have You answered or are answering?

With all the simultaneous masses being offered by either side of the political fence, plus the prayers being said by our Islamic brothers and sisters and other Christian denominations, I’m endeavoring a guess that heaven must be as crazy as the air traffic control tower of, say, Heathrow, Schiphol, or JFKIA days before Christmas. Maybe Malacanan’s prayers will be heard first and the truth will NEVER come out… Will the request of the 80,000-plus crowd in Makati last Friday and those of the millions all over the Philippines be granted? When? How?

True to His nature, the Lord responded to my prayer for wisdom in no uncertain terms:

I will bring my justice, it is not far away; my salvation will not delay. Is 46:13

I don’t know what’s there around the corner, but it’s enough that God knows. (Retreats are a treasure trove of one-liners whose brevity is inversely proportional to its ability to enlighten. This last one I cited is a prime example…)

Let’s all continue to pray for our country. As Jun Lozada, a main resource person in the unraveling of the ZTE-NBN controversy said in his short message last Friday, let’s pray and act for truth and justice to prevail in our land not because we hate the person/s in power but because we love our country.

That He is the God of Grace and Perfect Timing is more than sufficient for us. We are in His hands. As always.


Special thanks to Joseph and other Lingkod brothers and sisters who wander into my blog and take time to read my random rants and raves. I do hope to hear (read?) your thoughts as well. God bless you more in the days ahead!

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