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Monday, February 11, 2008

Sound financial advice for today's challenging times

Conventional wisdom holds that it is actually easy to earn a living; how to make the most out of what we earn- there lies the challenge. And at this time of an impending economic crunch, low-, middle-, and even high-income individuals and families should value each penny that goes to our pockets. Sadly, not everyone is willing and/or able to maximize his or her income.

Luckily for Canadians, help with regard to understanding financial matters can be accessed online. Since 2005, Canadian Money Advisor has been the source of timely quality information to help Canucks make sound financial decisions.

How opportune that I can share this site to one Canuck family- or more accurately, a Canuck-to-be family- I know personally! A cousin, his wife, and their three boys will be migrating to Canada in a few weeks’ time. As they ease into their new lives in Ontario, they would benefit from Canadian Money Advisor’s extensive discussion of Canadian secure credits cards.

Canadian secured credits cards, as I understand from the site, are a means to establish a solid credit history, like establishing a positive track record or “reputation” to banks and possible future lenders and creditors. Capital One Canada offers a secured credit card loaded with features such as excellent customer service representatives, access to cash and credit from millions of ATM and POS terminals, among others.

Canadian Money Advisor likewise has a special credit card blog. This credit card blog discusses a wide array of topics from tips to maximize the use of your Canadian secure credits cards, including your Capital One Canada, to understanding the jargon related to credit, debit, and investments, plus crash courses on economics and finance.

With its members’ fora, blog, and quality product suggestions, Canadian Money Advisor endeavors to live up to its mission:

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