Saturday, February 02, 2008

PhotoHunt 95/2: Narrow

On the way to Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya- some 200-plus-odd kilometers north of the Philippine capital of Manila, the 4x4 we were riding in had to stop to give way to the oncoming downhill traffic, given the limited width of the gravel road.

These farmers and sellers are about to bring themselves and their produce to the lowlanders' markets. They gamely tossed two pieces of a local citrus fruit called dalandan our way as they passed, perhaps to thank us for letting them through, or perhaps to send a lifeline to a weary-looking bunch of travelers. We were on the road for at least eight hours already.

Regardless of the reason, their generosity, in the midst of their own economic hardship, is refreshing.


  1. Those in most need are often the most generous. I can just see that bus with the farmers riding together in and on it. I saw similar conveyances when I visited rural India.

  2. Interesting story to go with your photo for narrow. Quite the vehicle they have there.
    Thanks for visiting.

  3. I saw similar vehicles with men sitting on them when I was in a village in Philippines years ago. The villagers were very hospitable. Offering us food and drinks even though they have little. They were very happy despite not having much to eat.

  4. Generosity from strangers. Thanks for sharing the lovely tale!

  5. oh yeah- i forgot to include that their riding what we call in the Philippines a JEEPNEY- an erstwhile refurbished vehicle of GIs from World War II. Their one of the main modes of transportation in this part of the globe... I hope to post pictures of our humble jeepney in the weeks to come =]

    thanks for visiting everyone! you are likewise personifications of generosity from strangers =]

  6. I see another bus behind that truck. What a dangerous situation. I am glad everyone is safe. My Photo Hunt is here. Thank you.

  7. What a great story to go with the picture! I enjoy reading explanations behind the pictures. That was certainly nice of them to throw their thanks!

    Write From Karen

  8. What a fun little thing to have happen and a cool and scary picture

  9. Are those kind of jeepneys still exist in the province? i never tried that in my life though. Happy weekend!

  10. wow! you have a very nice picture and I love the way you put consistency of the picture, indeed you have a great post! keep it up!!!

    here's mine:
    Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

  11. to everyone-

    yes, these jeepneys are still very much a part of many a Filipino's daily commute, but the daring roof-rides are more reserved for areas with fewer vehicles plying their roads.

    yes, safety is always a concern. but as the addage goes- beggars cannot be choosers...

    yes, photos by themselves tell myriad tales and are subject to as many interpretations... but there's always an insider's account and it's a pleasure to share them with interested-interesting people =]

    have a great week everyone

  12. A wonderful story to go with a great picture. It's very true I believe that those who have least are often the most generous.

    Thanks for your visit to mine earlier :)


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