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Thursday, January 24, 2008

15th Grand Scientific Symposium, February 1-2, UP College of Medicine

In celebration of the Centennial of the University of the Philippines, the UP College of Medicine thru its Postgraduate Institute of Medicine is holding the 15th Grand Scientific Symposium on February 1-2, 2008 at the Hyatt Hotel and Casino, Pedro Gil Street, Manila. With the theme- The Brain and Behavior: Optimizing Function from Birth and Beyond- the 15th GSS is a collaboration of the Departments of Neurosciences, Pharmacology and Toxicology, and Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine of the University.

The topics lined up for the two-day symposium consist of everyday challenges doctors, patients and their families and communities face. Below are just some issues to be tackled in the GSS which I personally am very interested in:

Brain and Development: IQ vs EQ, Family Role in Child Development

Dysfunction of Brain and Behavior: Autism, Learning Disabilities

Neurologic Problem in Children: Head Trauma

Bangag o Baliw: Neurobiology, Psychology, Pharmacology of Addiction

Issues in Children and Adults: Behavioral Problems, Teenage Pregnancy

Crossroads: Gender Issues, Midlife Process, Spirituality in Healing, Death and Dying

Neurology of Aging: The Aging Philippine Population, Successful Aging

Dementia: Makakalimutin lang o Ulianin na?, Pag-aaruga ng Ulianin

Neuropharmacology: Psychopharmacology in Geriatrics, Polypharmacy

Epilepsy Primary Care

Optimizing Stroke Management: Stroke Mimickers, When Medical Therapy Fails

Special Topics: Herbal and Food Supplements, The Living Will

There are other topics which I have not listed above. But suffice it to say, this two-day CME ought to cure some of my anxiety about encountering patients with neurologic or psychiatric problem NOT because of the physical harm they can inflict on me but because I HARDLY know what to do to help them.

To get to know more about the 15th Grand Scientific Symposium of the UP College of Medicine, please get in touch with the GSS Secretariat at +632.536.1319 and look for Ms. Agnes Enagan or email

Registration fees: P2,500 for medical practitioners; P2,000 for residents in training; P1,500 for teachers/ allied medical professionals; P1,000 for government employees.

You can also visit the UP College of Medicine site or the symposium invitation at the Department of Health site. PDF files related to the 15th GSS can be downloaded there.

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