Monday, February 25, 2008

Good night and thank you, Lola

For generous heaps of leche flan on top of ice cream, served for breakfast, lunch or dinner;

For thousands of stamps collected, sorted, and sent across time and space to indulge a philatelist’s hobby;

For simple piety and quiet faith;

For kilometers of recorded audio messages, videotaped events, and carefully guarded photographs of experiences silly and solemn;

For weathering toddler tantrums and billowing snowstorms;

For remembering birthdays and anniversaries and phone numbers of almost all members of the family, even though they forget yours;

For always being the one to take that final peek from the window or the door before the family leaves, just to make sure that jackets are warm enough, the car’s tires are inflated;

For believing that I’ll find The One even when I’ve given up;

For standing by your man, lifting your children on your shoulders, and even hoisting theirs further aloft;

For raising a daughter that is to be my mother;

For accomplishing your mission with flying colors-

Good night and thank you, Lola!

(Sorry I wasn’t able to take care of you… I’m sure my Dr. Mom did a job more fantastic than I ever can do… Thank you for believing in me enough to consult the most minor aches and complaints even if I’m thousands of kilometers away. At least now that you're in the presence of our Lord the Great Healer, there will be no more pain.)


  1. very moving entry! one of your best posts ian!

    lola would be so proud of you and your quixotic quests!

  2. This must have been difficult to write because of what she meant to you yet your love and creativity shone through. I'm sure Lola's very happy for having you.

  3. Touching and I'm sorry that she's gone but happy that she's not forgotten.
    Stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to say "hello".

  4. I'm sorry for your loss doc ian. Pls extend my deepest sympathy to your family. Very touching eulogy because you speak(write) straight from the heart.

  5. My deepest sympathy for you and your family Ian. Though I haven't met anyone of you, I can feel the kind of love you extend to your lola. Again My condolences.


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