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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lingkod Manila Lenten Retreat 2007 - UPDATED!

Retreat photos!
The rolling hills with nooks for contemplation, Villa Sta. Luisa

Brothers and sisters and guests who joined the retreat.

With retreat master, Fr. Willy Villegas, SVD


Retreat Venue Map [Posting this for Nina and Elmer]

Magandang araw, mga kapatid!

We will be having our Lenten retreat from Saturday to Sunday, March 17-18, 2007 at Villa Sta. Luisa in Tagaytay City. Please click on the map on the left for directions.

Retreat fee is P700.00 which covers Saturday’s lunch, PM snack and dinner plus Sunday’s breakfast and AM snack. Sunday lunch and transportation to and from the Tagaytay is not covered. Fare is approximately P100 one-way.

Meeting place for everyone is at the Manila Central Post Office / Liwasang Bonifacio fountain area at 7.30am. We are all very, very highly encouraged to be there at the appointed time so we can leave by 8am.That will give us ample time to get to Tagaytay in case we get caught in traffic due to the South Luzon Expressway construction.

For those with work on Saturday, a smaller second batch of brothers and sisters will meet at the Manila Central Post Office / Liwasang Bonifacio fountain area at 6.30pm. Please contact Anna B and Errol if you will go to Tagaytay with this group.

All brothers and sisters who will be commuting- either AM or PM batch, please contact Tony/ Mimi/ Nina/ Elmer/ Dante when you are near the Tagaytay Rotonda area so they can pick you up at the Tagaytay bus terminal.

In preparation for the event, please take note of the following:

1.) We are highly encouraged to go to confession prior to the retreat.

2.) Let us continue to pray for this undertaking, for our retreat master Fr. Willy, all servants and participants. IPT holds a daily “12nn habit” common prayer time wherever we maybe especially for the retreat.

3.) There will be no leaders’ meeting this Friday.

4.) Please bring-
your Holy Bible
writing materials (pen/paper/notebook)
holy rosary
Sunday attire for mass
Toiletries (soap/ shampoo/ toothpaste/ toothbrush/ toilet paper/ feminine products, etc) jacket
Off lotion, personal prescription medications, personal emergency medicines (Loperamide, Paracetamol, etc)

Optional items
Food to share: candies, boy bawang, nuts, etc
cd of meditative songs

Again, brothers and sisters, let us pray with each other that God may bless our activity, fix all our schedules, take care of all our temporal needs, keep our bodies and souls safe this entire week and always.

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