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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Why I am staying in the Philippines (4): Ang Kapatiran campaign updates

For those interested how the media is tracking the Ang Kapatiran campaign, those looking for alternative candidates for the May 14 senatorial elections, those who want a change in the politics of our country, please feel free to click on the links below. Please share these also to family and friends.

Previous summary of links related to Ang Kapatiran

Official Ang Kapatiran Political Party Blog

PDInquirer: Comelec includes Ang Kapatiran in list of non-nuisance candidates

ABS-CBN Interactive: Sen Jovito Salonga pabor sa Ang Kapatiran candidates

PDInquirer: Ang Kapatiran, New Hopes for the New Year

Official website of the Social Weather Stations: with link to the results of their Feb 24-27 survey for the Senate race

PDInquirer/ Letter to the editor: On voting for alternatives

…Kapatiran is a whiff of fresh air blowing into our polluted political environment. I call on the Filipino electorate to vote for these three if only to spite our present crop of so-called political leaders.

Perhaps, there is something good we can still derive from the coming democratic exercise…

PDInquirer/ Opinion: Conrado De Quiros - LOSERS

…a miracle was about to happen in this country. Who knows, he said, we may yet work a quiet revolution before these elections are over. Well, the way Kapatiran is rapidly pricking media’s and the public’s attention, who knows indeed. My mind harked back to a mission someone undertook a couple of millennia ago. The mission seemed far more impossible. That was the ridiculous quest of a carpenter’s son and his 12 fishermen alalays to change the world. The spectacle they offered sent the important men of the time scoffing and laughing their heads off.

But, lo and behold, those “losers” did change the world.

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