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Friday, March 02, 2007

Why I am staying in the Philippines (3)

I recently visited PINOY.MD after not having done so for several weeks. While swimming through the dozens of forums, my eye was caught by a section which heralded PINOY MD RUNNING FOR SENATOR. Of course I had to click the link, being a quiet but keen amateur political observer in our country.

I have not heard of this Dr. Martin Bautista. He practically escaped my political radar. But when I read through his blog… his open letter to fellow doctors… on closer scrutiny of this seemingly Quixotic endeavor… He’s earned my vote

I’m just trying to imagine what if Couples For Christ and Gawad Kalinga volunteers gave up, at the outset, on the idea of rebuilding our nation because of the sheer magnitude of the problem of poverty in the Philippines… then we would remain to live in infamy, as the land of Smokey Mountain and corrupt, selfish people… But look at what GK has done now. GK’s the new People Power.

I’m encouraging my family and friends to at least consider allotting spaces in their ballots for Dr. Bautista and his partymates Zosimo Paredes and Adrian Sison. In my eyes, they are more worthy to be in the senate than the ASO trio.

If you want to know more about the party Ang Kapatiran and Dr. Bautista, please click on the links below.

Dr. Bautista’s personal blog

Ang Kapatiran’s official website

PDInquirer Headlines/Nation: Senate bets run on God-centered politics

PDInquirer Opinion/Conrado De Quiros COURAGE
At about the same time that Team Unity opened its campaign in Cebu City last weekend, to much fanfare and confetti, several relative unknowns were going quietly about their business, apprising anyone interested enough to listen about their senatorial bids. Such a one was Martin Bautista, who shook hands with fellow shoppers at the Greenhills "tiangge" [flea market] and told them that he was running for the Senate. He is one of three doing so under the banner of Kapatiran, the anti-"trapo" [traditional politics] party, and if by some miracle he does make it, he says, he plans to abolish the pork barrel, uplift the lot of the poor and bring back decency to government...

PDInquirer Breaking News/ Kapatiran’s election campaign is gathering steam

PDInquirer Opinion/Conrado De Quiros LAST LAUGH
It confirms what I’ve felt for some time: that now more than ever is the best time to run as an independent, or at least not as a candidate of the administration or opposition parties, not as a candidate of Team Unity or GO.

PDInquirer Headlines/Nation: Kapatiran campaigns slowly, surely, profoundly

ABS-CBN Interactive: Katrina Legarda
In Martin Bautista’s words... “It is better to aspire for a perfect world rather than remain content in patching up our imperfect house… If we don’t actively resist then we have no business to complain and whine…”

New Inquirer articles and other information regarding Ang Kapatiran can be found here.

Please spread the word and spread hope for our country! Because of people like Dr. Bautista, there is enough reason to stay in the Philippines.

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