Monday, September 15, 2008

Buy for good, blog for good

Just one month to go and it's Blog Action Day 2008! Convert your site, even for just a day, into an information hub on how to deal with POVERTY using your own point of view as a blogger. Add your voice to the consortium of more than 4,000 blogs with a combined readership of 8 million, all of whom have the unique chance to Change The Conversation for a day, hopefully for good.

One such way of helping eradicate poverty is backing of local industries. Before Blog Action Day 2008, make it a point to join the Global Pinoy Bazaar on September 20-21 at the Rockwell Tent. As we buy Filipino products, we give concrete support to local brands which in turn allows small and medium scale enterprises to stay afloat, encourage further creativity and allows the entrepreneurial spirit to soar and/to keep more Filipinos with an honest source of living.


  1. Meron ba mga food products na ititinda? :)

  2. Wish Indonesia has this kind of events. Maybe I need to start?

  3. carlo: their website don't have the details yet with regard to the range of products on sale. best to go to rockwell!

    rintjez: yup, maybe you ought to start doing something like this in indonesia. there are a lot of great finds in your country which the world should be introduced to =]

  4. I do agree with you Ian :)

    Btw, thanks for visiting my blog. I was lucky to be able to explore Philippines :) Indeed, it's a beautiful country! I'm trying to go there again in a few weeks for a short break :) I'm keeping my finger crossed :)


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