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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Talk About Poverty - Blog Action Day October 15, 2008

Imagine a day, just an ordinary day. You go online, you hop from one favorite blog to another.

Your favorite tech blog is talking about a new low-cost solar cooker making lives better for Sub-Sahara Africans.

Your favorite Hollywood blog is sharing the latest charitable endeavor of Bono and Angelina Jolie.

Your favorite political blog is discussing a new piece of legislation that aims to put in more money to fulfill the country's pledge of support for the Millennium Development Goals.

Each blog seems to be talking about the same, usual stuff they discuss... And yet not quite.

After all it's October 15th, 2008- Blog Action Day, the day bloggers the world over will talk about POVERTY and its myriad forms, hues, challenges, and solutions to this massive global problem.

Be one of the thousands of blogs that will feature an article, a video, a podcast, or any other means to show solidarity with the world's poor. Let us show our genuine interest to see to it that nobody will be left behind.

No blog is too popular or too obscure to be part of this global event to raise awareness about our collective responsibility to lick the challenges of poverty.

Click on the banner below to see the many ways you can be part of Blog Action 2008 - Poverty.

PS- Happy 200th blog post to me! Yey!

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