Sunday, August 03, 2008

PhotoHunt: Clouds

A sliver of sky successfully rises above urban blight. As seen from a light rail transit station, Pasay City, the Philippines.


  1. wow! instantly reminds me of that brassy nat king cole song "orange colored sky"

    is this the start of a photo wave among bloggers? coldman has already displayed keen start on photography. you're next.

  2. Great capture of the color... it looks warm!

  3. uyyy! photo blog na rin to. hataw! :-)

  4. LC: all along i thought the sky was pink, no thanks to my colorblindness hehe

    TNchick: thanks for putting together the great weekly PhotoHunt!

    r-yo and LC (again): i've been PhotoHunting for about 11 weeks already until the lull set in =] i also tried but failed to maintain a separate photoblog. here we go again hehe wish me luck!


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