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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Home is where the hunt ends

When I was a university undergraduate, the only way I found an apartment to live in was through word of mouth. The university office for student housing offers good, inexpensive accommodations but they are often filled up soon after the vacancies are posted. Others have to contend with off campus housing where they have no control about the type of roommates they will have. Choosing an apartment, as what much of life is- is like a box of chocolates… You just don’t know what you’re going to have.

You can make life in your new home more predictable, though, by checking out offers a novel approach to house-, apartment-, or roommate-hunting. It is an online portal that brings together place owners and place hunters where the traditional, hit-and-miss method of looking for The Right One to share a roof with takes a backseat to the possibly more instantaneous and interactive method, which may yield better matches faster.

The site offers easy to navigate pages that load speedily thanks to the simple no-nonsense layout and graphics. You can browse the available rooms and apartments in the US, Canada, and the UK by clicking on the list of cities or entering a particular ZIP code. You can make the results more attuned to your needs by entering the size of the apartment you are seeking, the amount you are willing to pay monthly, plus apartments from how far from the city you wish the search to include, choosing from among those with or without photos.

Roommate search is made easier and more, well, systematic, by sorting them by categories like age, sex, even by zodiac. You can also view the profiles of your possible roommate who chose to put up theirs and leave a message- but only if you sign up for the free membership. supports fair housing and equal opportunity so every decent, law-abiding person has the chance to find or post a home for rent.

As the world gets smaller and more people compete for seemingly dwindling resources like good apartments with quality roommates, the innovation which brings to cyberspace makes the task of matching the best home to the best tenant yield more hits than misses.

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