Saturday, April 19, 2008

PhotoHunt: Thirteen

I didn't quite realize that there were thirteen of us in this snapshot until I was feeling so antsy with work that I was daydreaming of how Christmas 2006 went. It was such a great family reunion, with representatives from the Philippines, Australia, and New Jersey, and an age range of 4-93 converging in South Carolina for a very memorable Christmas.

It's the last Christmas photo I have with my grandma; she went ahead to heaven last February.

But wherever we may be, she's always with us. We'll always be thirteen =]


Off to Gatlinburg, TN and Beaufort, SC for the weekend =] Thank God for the Blogger in Draft feature =] Will be visiting fellow PhotoHunters' site when we get back-


  1. 13 family members in a photo :) That's a real good find for the theme this week. Have a blessed weekend!

  2. What a treasure you have in this photo! Memories forever! Great Post for 13!!

  3. This is the first family photo I've seen this week. Nice choice!

  4. That's terrific with all 13 in the picture! Great take on the 13 theme and a very nice shot!

  5. Wonderful photograph and thanks for sharing the memories. Family is always so important. My wife lost her Daddy just a couple of weeks ago and my side of the family had a scare with my Momma's condition (turns out it was a problem with one of her medications). Your photo got me reminiscing about my family's outings in the past and I went to look at some pics I took many years ago.

    I've got my PhotoHunt entry up at in case you're interested. If you do visit, please leave a comment and feel free to explore the rest of my little blog.

  6. and who said, 13 is not a lucky number?

    nice capture.

  7. Seems a very happy family you got there doc. Enjoy your stay there in the U.S.

  8. The Chinese believe that 13 is a lucky number. It is only the Westerners who think it is. Great family portrait!

  9. thanks everyone! at the end of the day, family just makes every effort, every bead of sweat, every drop of blood, every mile travelled worthwhile =] i consider myself terribly blessed, lucky even =]

    hoping you all great times with your own families =]

    carl- sorry to hear about your loss and some health scares in the past weeks. yet such tragedies have a silver lining, at least from our experience- that remaining family members become closer after each event... before things become too late again-


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