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Friday, April 18, 2008

"Sound" advice for those seeking a career in healthcare

There are various areas of medicine that further scrutiny is needed beyond what the naked eye can see.

Ultrasonography is such an area where sound waves are utilized to visualize the goings on inside a patient’s body without cutting him or her up. There are doctors who study extensively to be good ultrasonologists; but in areas where such experts are in short supply, ultrasound technicians can help fill the gap. This challenging and rewarding career to be of service to people by being ultrasound tech is now within the reach of more people with the advent of quality ultrasound schools.

Regardless of egos and stereotypes, the field of medicine and healthcare is all about teamwork. It’s a joint endeavor of the doctor and the patient, the patient and his or her family, the doctor and the health support staff. If one link in the chain of excellent healthcare delivery is weak, the efforts of the remaining links are rendered futile.

Regardless of egos and stereotypes, the doctor cannot do it alone; s/he must not. It is in the mutual best interest of the doctor and the patient that the support paramedical staff- such ultrasound technicians- has excellent training so they can help render excellent care to those in need. And excellent training begins when you click the logo below:

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