Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ninoy Aquino: Filipino Martyr and More

For those younger than 25 years old who didn't have the chance to know who Ninoy was and for those more than a quarter of a century old and have forgotten what Ninoy stood for, here's our chance to get to know (again) the man and continue his mission.

Click on the poster below to find out where you can catch I AM NINOY: An Exhibit Commemorating the 25th Anniversary of Benigno S. Aquino Jr's Martyrdom.


  1. should i blog about this? i cant amke up my mind. i have mix feelings about the i am ninoy thingy they did

  2. honestly, i haven't had the chance to digest all of this as well. i'm planning to catch the exhibits wherever i can. i'm just sharing this announcement, for whatever it is worth.

    i'd be interested though on what your take will be on I-AM-NINOY, as a cultural icon a la Che and his "re-mainstreaming" into Filipino consciousness via art and merchandise...

    let me know =]


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