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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Global Pinoy Bazaar, Rockwell Tent, October 21, 2007

More and more far-reaching and neighboring foreign countries are embracing the ingenuity that Filipinos are innately blessed with. Thanks to the likes of of the Black Eyed Peas, Monique Lhuillier, Kenneth Cobonpue and others who have paved the way, both the East and the West are becoming impressed and inspired by Filipino artistry and craftsmanship.

Yabang Pinoy - part of a momentous, long-term, progressive campaign of a supporting Filipino ideas and products and concepts—takes this to another height on October 21 with Global Pinoy Bazaar in Rockwell Tent in Makati City .

Global Pinoy Bazaar will feature micro-, medium–, and large-scale Filipino businesses with top-notch Filipino products. The bazaar will be segregated according to categories such as fashion, arts/design/music, lifestyle/tropical and indigenous zones.

Products in feature in the fashion zone will include clothes, accessories, jewelry, bags and shoes. The lifestyle/tropical zone will showcase Pinoy furniture, houseware ,beachwear, home & wellness. The arts/design/ music zone will include various art & design pieces from different artists. The indigenous zone will include crafts made by natives themselves.

"I hope Global Pinoy Bazaar's objective echoes that Pinoy talent must be recognized. Since the success of Philippine-made products stems from the advocacy of Pinoys themselves, I think this event would create the perfect platform for that," said Carlo Pamandanan of NOYP.

Top-notch designer Patty Eustaquio added, "I want people to know that good design is not exclusive to foreign brands, that Filipino design is globally competitive and that we should all make a conscious effort to support our own products and services."

Mimi Chic, a Fil-Am innovative and creative jewelry company that started in San Francisco also looks forward to expanding more in the Philippines. In fact, they said, "We spell Pinoy with a capital P and we want the world to know that we are proud to be Filipino."

Others exhibitors include Pandango, Fashion and ART (F*ART), Salsa Trends, Czarina Villa, Tan Tease, SASHA, Sy-Kat Couture, Cole Vintage, DUERR, Gail Angeles, V Clothing, Chicammy, Sapato Manila + Coco & Tres, Snug Mugs, Cathy Bags, NOYP Bags, Trunk, Our Tribe, M Barretto Bags, RedVanilla, Pernes Bags, Flatterbuy, Ciara Marasigan, Jaclee, Aritos Jewelry, Kathang Kamay, Tawid Crafts, Bumblebee, Chelsea Trading, Twinkle Ferraren, Soakswimwear, Cocotini, Pinoy Yoga, Islas, Powder Room, Atillo, Duo Living, Craft Create, Gallery 7 Studio, Team Manila, Funk Tones, Punch drunk Panda, Electro Lychee, Pablo, Katrina Encanto, Whipped It Good, The T-Shirt Project, Bags by Tamila, Bags In The City, RevWorx, Angeli's Art, Baubles, Bangles N Beads, Rina Albert, Michelle Simone, Dark Bulb + Halo-Halo Creatives, Studio Roxas, Author's Avenue, Nicole & Creatives, Sagada Pottery, Kape Ni Juan and many more.

"We love the idea of the Support and Buy Pinoy Advocacy because mostly our competitor's merchandise & products are imported; it's challenging to have 100% Pinoy materials in your product especially if you're just beginning with your business, but if awareness begins somewhere, designers & producers will bear a conscious challenge to use local materials and constantly improve on them," said one of the exhibitors Indie Art Manila who shares Yabang Pinoy's goals.

Global Pinoy Bazaar is supported by Hapee, Splash Corporation, Air 21, Ube Media, Lina Group of Companies and Binalot. Media partners include Broadsheet partner: Manila Bulletin. Magazine partners: Enterprise magazine, Fudge Magazine and Sense & Style magazine. Radio partner: Jam 88.3. Online partners: and

For more information, please visit or email or call 0917-8151513.

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