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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Post No. 100: So far, so good

As fate would have it, I chanced upon another online quiz, this time with a very apropos question: How Addicted To Blogging Are You?

While I already know the answer to this question intuitively, the doctor and teacher in me wanted an empirical yet scientific measure to ascertain my addiction. The verdict?

71%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

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The test contained simple questions that captured the tell-tale signs of somebody who's in the throes of being a tad too fond of blogging: from pre-constructing the sentences that will best capture a current event hours BEFORE they can be blogged to tinkering with site badges and widgets and links incessantly. Watch out- the last question in the quiz was a complete riot!

Aside from being a vehicle for self-expression (a.k.a rants), this blog's been a venue for communicating with family and friends (Hi Mom and Pop! Hi Tita Vicky!), a tool for introspection and self-awareness (yes, I take those You've Been Tagged! seriously), a means for building contacts, expanding networks, and hopefully forging friendships. It has been a funnel of the harmonious cacophony of practical tips, like those related to traveling, to really useless ideas, like- nevermind. It is my own vessel for professing my love for God and country, to inspire and be inspired.

And now, having helped put together a very basic website for our NGO, I managed to marry two of my current loves.

About this blog and my life in general, all I can say is- So far, so good.

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