Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tagged! From Down Under

Given that my buddy RG blogs once in a blue moon, it's an honor to be tagged by him. Though it's a liiiiiiittle belated, here's me giving in =]

1. I do not know how to ride a bike.

2. I do want to put up a center sometime in the future where older segments of the population can be taught and be free to engage in activities that they weren't able to learn as youngsters and in their current state in life would be otherwise too embarrassed to do so, e.g. riding a bike.

3. I made a list of places I Want To Visit Before I Die. And I've ticked off one in that list- New York City!

4. I once had a dog name Ma. Aiko Queenie Sheryl F. Gomez. Long story.

5. If I had my way, I do not wish to live beyond 60 years old.

6. One of my dream jobs is to be a stand up comedian.

7. I am colorblind.


  1. Patch Adams wannabe ka pala. Okay yan. Ganito gawin mo. You organize a party. Painumin mo kami. Tapos, sa yo lang ang mike. Try mo kami patawanin para malaman natin kung me alternative career ka bang makikita sa pagiging comedian.

  2. ano kaya ang acceptable entrance fee? hehe


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