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Monday, April 12, 2010

Why I am staying in the Philippines (8): The Nine Who Dare - Profiles of Presidentiables

I began this "Why I am staying in the Philippines" series in 2007 in preparation for the midterm elections that year. The initial entry in that series dealt with my response to a writer's tongue-in-cheek list of what scenarios will make him leave the Philippines. And, boy did I write a mouthful! As the 2007 election season rolled on, the series became the venue in my blog on which politics took center stage. This year, I'm resuscitating the series, a bit too late methinks, but timely just the same will my postings be.

I'm sharing the profiles of The Nine Who Dare - this election's Presidential Candidates. I consider it a happy problem that we have this big number of personalities who want to be of service to the country. These profiles have been put together by the group Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan or SLB, a group of volunteers from the Society of Jesus based in the Ateneo who have quality, credible elections as part of their mission. I just uploaded their PDF files to my Scribd account for easier sharing with others.

May it serve as a guide for us as we select our country's Chief Executive a little less than a month from now. As SLB's slogan goes, we pray, we study our options, and we make a stand.

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