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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Help for Haiti NOW and the FUTURE lists the various organization through whom we can all send help NOW from whatever part of the globe we maybe. If you wish to help by sending funds, basic needs, medical help, food, etc- click the links there NOW and be a blessing, no amount is too small or insignificant to matter.


To help Haiti NOW and FOR THE FUTURE

Sign the petition for the cancellation of Haiti's debts. Sign the petition which reads-

Dear Finance Ministers, IMF, World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank and bilateral creditors,

As Haiti rebuilds from this disaster, please work to secure the immediate cancellation of Haiti’s $890 million debt and ensure that any emergency earthquake assistance is provided in the forms of grants, not debt-incurring loans.

The last thing Haitians need to worry about is shouldering the cost of the "generosity" that can be extended by some unscrupulous governments to take advantage of a country in need, a task that can further derail their recovery, growth, and development.

Please sign the petition for the cancellation of Haiti's $890-M debt to help give it a lifeline that will liberate the generations of Haitians to come.

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