Saturday, April 11, 2009

PhotoHunt: Triangle

Perched atop one of the rolling hills of Malaybalay City in Bukidnon Province, this new chapel of the Monastery of the Transfiguration gives a new meaning to the feeling of being close to heaven. Its simple architecture, benign wooden benches, and nondescript stone slab altar complement perfectly the wondrous beauty of God's creation surrounding it, the vista uninterrupted thanks to the glass walls on at least three sides of the chapel. The edifice blends seamlessly to its green surroundings as well as to the azure sky; it's like a pair of hands, touching fingertips to fingertips, palms about to press on each other, praying with expectant faith.

This is part of my April 2007 sojourn to Mindanao which you can find here.


  1. If you did not show the bottom section of the monastery here, I would have suspected that you were in Egypt with that shot.. haha :P

    Happy Easter!

  2. Great Shot of the monastery... Perfect triangle...

  3. That's an excellent photo for this week! :)

  4. A nice shot of the building. Nice theme..

  5. Great shot of the monastery - love the composition!

  6. Great shot.That is an interesting piece of architecture. Happy Easter!

  7. I enjoy looking a great architecture...this one is great!!
    I have my "triangles" posted as well!


  8. Funny- someone else did this unique building today, too!

    I did PH, too. I hope you have a chance to see mine.

    Have a great weekend. He is risen!

  9. :D we took the same angle:D that's cool! It was really beautiful there:)


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