Saturday, February 07, 2009

PhotoHunt: Bridges

Good thing I love being behind the wheel, else I would have gone crazy with the intermittent traffic jams in the Philippines. While anybody, including myself, would savor bottleneck-less stretches of roadway where we can push the pedal to the metal(?), I likewise enjoy the occasional stop-and-go traffic scenarios so I can smell the proverbial flowers, or take a snapshot of a roadside vista.

This segment of my route home has been the area of many a motorist's driving woes; but the latter may soon be things of the past. After more than three years of roadworks (if my memory serves me right), the construction of these off-ramps and bridges interconnecting the new international airport with the elevated and at-grade highway systems seem to be in its final stages.

Faster travel, cooler heads, mission accomplished. Finally!


  1. Sobra nga traffic dyan, buti nalang ako hindi dyan dumadaan everyday papunta sa work kse taga Las Pinas ako :) hehehe

  2. i don't recognize this maze of flyovers...let me guess, nichols? i dream of the day when we can all travel stress-free on metro manila roads. well, it's just a dream...:D

  3. Wow, that looks confusing, Great photos

  4. I have nightmares of traveling on roadways like this, only they are more narrow and higher in the sky.

  5. Cool shots! Have a great weekend - traffic-free too.

  6. Lots of bridges here, yes :)

    Have a nice weekend :)


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