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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Many marry in the merry month of May

As the emcee in Tin and Vince’s wedding reception put it- it is a celebration of the years that passed and the years that are to come. The same goes for Jo and Mund’s.

For the tender ceremonies; for the timely reunion with friends; for the warm reception, the great food, and the delightful music; for the genuine glimmer of joy when you guys saw us; for sparking the impromptu introspection among many a single person and yet-to-be-engaged couples; and for making me still hope in finding The One -

thank you for sharing with us your amazing evening.

Salvador – Sison Nuptials
Holy Mass at the Sanctuario De San Antonio 2.30pm
Cocktails and Reception at the Manila Polo Club

Jo and Mund at the altar

Chang and Johann dispensing with their cord duties

Grand send off to the reception

With some rarely seen med school classmates- Edhel, Jim, Gracie, and Hugs

Enjoy cocktails at the Manila Polo Club with Marvin, Eileen, Toyang, Pepper, Chang, JP, and Les

Gloria – Cunanan Nuptials
Holy Mass at the Sanctuario De San Antonio 7pm
Cocktails and Reception at the Mandarin Oriental Makati

An unmistakable beautiful blur in the crowd

Tin and Vince at the altar

Dapper First Reading reader (thanks for taking my photo, Capits!)

Lighting their Unity Candle

Preparing for the first kiss

Welcomed by guests at the reception

With UP-PGH Internship blockmates- Lester, Kate, Julie and Lizza

Our next-table neighbor: Tin and Vince’s!

With the very lovely couple

Reunion of the Waterboy with some members of the class basketball team

Be still my heart: My Two Favorite Girls – Pam and Tin


To Dr. Mund Sison and Dr. Jo Salvador-Sison and Dr. Vince Cunanan and Dr. Tin Gloria-Cunanan – bon voyage et bon appetit! Godspeed!

(Major, major, major thanks to Tina DLC for letting me use her SD card! Life-saver!)

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Blogger PePPeR_MD said...

MAY truly was a month of weddings.

it's like a passing of generations i think. i have 5 cousins getting married this year, and a bunch of our batchmates in med... :) i know some people who've given birth too, or are expecting.

a lot of people passed away too...

it must be a passing of something. shucks, we're getting old. we're attending weddings of FRIENDS, baptisms of our FRIEND's kids na.
haaay naku.

MATAGAL pako.. :)

btw, i'll steal our pic together ha :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007 7:22:00 PM  
Blogger ian said...

we ARE getting old hehe but if growing older is this interesting and eventful- can't wait for the days to unfold faster! =]

Thursday, May 24, 2007 9:46:00 PM  

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