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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Und ein Kind führt sie... Obacht zu geben*

A group of journalists from Germany visited Gawad Kalinga BASECO yesterday. The team went around, interviewed residents, and got a real glimpse of nation-building and heroism at work. The 12- person contingent represented various media entities including dailies, radio, and tv networks including DW TV. The searing heat of the midday sun was no match to the warm welcome accorded by the GK BASECO family.

While our participation in the event was miniscule compared to what the prime movers had to organize, we were nonetheless part of the pre-event hustle. But what more than made up for the busy-ness of the day was this presentation from the SIBOL kids, children aged 3-6 years old enrolled in the pre-school program of GK. Too bad my camera ran out of memory space… I managed to capture a part of their presentation, though…

*And a child shall lead them… to give care-

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