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Sunday, July 17, 2011

A site for sore eyes

Eyes, Greek philosopher Heraclitus says, are more accurate witnesses than ears. But what do you do when those witnesses- your eyes- need help to stay sharp and focused? When the going gets blurred, the blurred go to Zenni Optical.

Here are ten things to love about the Zenni Optical site:

1. BALANCE: The Zenni Optical website offers eyewear options that are both stylish and affordable without sacrificing their health benefits. Affordable prescription eyeglasses that are practical, fashionable, without costing an arm and a leg.

2. NUMBERS: There are literally thousands of choices, all with photos, so you will see what you will be actually purchasing. Currently, some 3000-plus frames are yours for the choosing.

3. OPTIONS: The site has highly customizable options (on its left-hand panel) which can help narrow down your selection of eyewear- by price, by frame shape, by prescription type, by gender of user, among other filters.

4. TESTING: Not only will you able to see what you will purchase, you can actually see how it will look like on a human face, short of fitting it on yours. There are eight “faces” of various ages and ethnicity on Zenni Optical’s Frame Fit application where you can “try on” the frames you are considering to buy.

5. FREEBIES: Purchases have lots of bonuses, like free anti-scratch coating, eyeglass case and microfiber cleaning cloth.

6. HELP: The site has an extensive Help section which guides buyers with information like how to order from the site and understanding prescriptions for eyeglasses.

7. CONTACT: Zenni Optical’s team makes itself very accessible to the public. Inquiries can be fielded via email, live chat, phone, Facebook, and Twitter.

8. BLOG: Zenni Optical has a blog where additional information- so-called tips and tricks- for patrons are available at their fingertips.

9. TESTIMONIALS: Customers have a corner where they can share their very own Zenni Optical stories. Here's another corner of the blogosphere where the benefits of Zenni Optical are being heralded by a satisfied patron.

10. APPROVAL: Seals of good business practice can be found at the bottom part of the site, thus increasing buyer confidence in the site.

To see is to believe. Head on over to Zenni Optical and open your eyes to the endless possibilities for your eye care needs.

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Anonymous Anonymous said... and Zenni are two great online glasses websites for their steep discounts and other special savings.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016 4:01:00 PM  

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