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Monday, August 30, 2010

UNICEF USA update: Hope for Pakistan's kids

I'm glad to receive an email update from UNICEF USA's Caryl Stern as regards the progress they're making in Pakistan. The update (from where the pictures below come from) says:

...The result? More clean water. More immunizations. Thousands of children spared...

Summer heat and flooding are combining to create ideal conditions for malaria and water-borne diseases. UNICEF’s number one focus continues to be providing clean water, hygiene and immunizations. As of (August 26), UNICEF is providing clean water to 2 million people...

...To date, UNICEF has:

- Immunized 800,000 children against deadly diseases;
- Restored 490 water supply systems;
- Delivered 385,000 water cleaning tablets and sachets;
- Distributed hygiene supplies – 10,000 jerry cans, 39,000 buckets, 2,300 nerox filters;
- Mobilized the Pakistan Council for Research in Water Resources to undertake water testing and chlorination in severely impacted districts;
- Launched immunization campaigns in 38 districts, immunizing 245,000 people from measles and water-borne diseases;
- Provided mobile medical services to reach stranded children and pregnant women at risk of malnutrition and disease; and
- Brought 5 public health facilities online to provide antenatal and postnatal care and treat ailments.

A lot has been done, more can be done, more needs to be done. We can be the means by which the kids in Pakistan's flooded villages can be given a fighting chance. You can donate HERE.

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Blogger Elvie said...

it's sad to see tragedies and poverty like these but life is not fair. all we can do is to reach out to those who are in needs.

From my blog:
The Photo and Its Photographer

Saturday, October 09, 2010 5:49:00 PM  

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