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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Amidst all the videos and pictures posted online, as it continues to hog the headlines of major dailies and TV news programs, after hearing all the stories of survivors firsthand, the aftermath of tropical storm Ondoy just knocks the wind out of me.

I can’t help but wonder- How does God answer all our prayers for assistance and pleas for help? I wonder how God prioritizes. I wonder if He covers His eyes and ears so He can have some peace and quiet. I wonder if He fears opening His Facebook account or if He dreads reading His mobile phone’s inbox since each would most likely be containing a message that unloads a problem unto Him.

Inasmuch as the horrendous stories brought about by Ondoy are overwhelming, the accounts of those made it and made others’ lives better are more powerful-

Stories of barangay (village) leaders who go from one house to another in their 4000-population area to ensure that the meager relief goods- boiled eggs, no-cook noodles, etc- gets distributed equally, but especially to those who need food the most

Couples stranded inside their cars at the height of the rains and floods who continue to tweet or post Facebook status messages that pass on vital information like emergency numbers to call or pleas for help from similarly stranded storm victims atop their homes’ roofs

Nurses and midwives who choose to clean the health center they work in first before cleaning their homes- all of which are inundated by muddy waters- so that first thing Monday morning they can already treat patients affected by the storm

Students who, rather than relish the unexpected holiday or study for exams, get together to sort donated food items, clothes, medicines and pack them into useful bundles ready for donation

Business owners who ask where can they bring freshly-baked bread enough to feed 300 people

People who readily cough out 250 sleeping mats after hearing a feeble request for one

From an innocent bystander, I was somehow thrust into a position to help orchestrate the University’s response to help our flooded partner communities. With mock resistance, I relented and shouldered the additional responsibility. I think I will end up with the better side of the bargain.

To be able to help is great, but an even greater blessing is to see God’s hands in action, through the magnificent people I mentioned above and the hundred others like them. They tweet and text without fear or favor, with eyes, ears, and hearts wide open.

I wish I can honor them through more eloquent words. But of course, true to their nature, having eased another human being’s pain is sufficient reward and motivation.


I am personally raising funds to help the survivors of Tropical Storm Ondoy here in the Philippines. I volunteer with two organizations right now who aim to help some 10,000 affected individuals. I am appealing to those happen to land in my blog to help by praying with us here in the Philippines. You can also put your faith into action by clicking the DONATE button below. Rest assured 100% of donated money will be used to buy the needs of those who survived the floods, including but not limited to getting them safe drinking water, sleeping mats, blankets, etc.

An accounting of money received, who gave them, plus where the money was used will be posted regularly.

I know that in this day and age of cynicism and jadedness, heroes for others still abound.

Thank you very much for your generosity =]

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