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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Recollection, reunion, resuscitation

I was having dinner with my internship groupmates Sunday evening and so I decided to attend the 5pm mass at the PGH chapel before meeting up with them.

The hospital's chapel was a place was that was all too familiar to me. With my big backpack and tackle box in tow, I'd hurry to the chapel to say a quick prayer before I go on duty or as soon as I emerge from one. I remember repeating a simple personal prayer of humility and surrender before I proceed to the wards, OR, or emergency: it's showtime, Lord, and You're the Star.

While the mass was ongoing, I was shaking my head mentally: I still cannot believe I survived medical school in the UP and internship at the Philippine General Hospital. I recall all the grueling tasks, long hours, stress, fatigue, weight loss, weight gain, time away from family and I am amazed I didn't crack due to the sheer magnitude of med school and internship. It is by God's grace alone that I made it and that I am now at the other side of the teacher's table.

The Gospel last Sunday was a great reminder as well of this loving grace from God, when Mark recounted the send-off of the apostles to help fulfill Jesus' mission on earth. I am blessed because with just our bare hands, stout hearts, and willing minds, my internship groupmates and I were somehow, no matter how minutely, were responsible for having helped cure, care for, or at least comfort a whole bunch of people under our watch. And I must admit I could not have done it without them. They have ministered not only to our patients but to me as well.

I'll always be grateful.

Then (2004) =]

Now (2005) =]

Lizz, Kate, Les, Ai- great to see you again! Ogg, Em, Jul, Tin, How - you guys are missed! See you all again next time!

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