Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Taylor Hicks- in Manila! Mau Marcelo- in Jakarta!

American Idol fans- we're all in for a massive treat this December! Season 5 winner Taylor Hicks will be performing in select Ayala Malls starting next week!

This is the schedule I got from the Ayala Malls website:

Glorietta: December 18, 2007
Glorietta 4 Park
7:00 PM
Concierge Hotline: (632) 752-7272

Greenbelt: December 19, 2007
Greenbelt 3 Park
8:00 PM
Concierge Hotline: (632) 757-4853

TriNoma: December 20, 2007
Activity Center
7:00 PM
Concierge Hotline: (632) 901-3000

Meet & Greet after each show

AND do vote for our Philippine Idol- Mau Marcelo- in the Asian Idol finals this coming weekend! More info from the Asian Idol official website.


  1. Ha? Me Asian Idol na pala? Saan pinapalabas?

  2. heard about it some days ago nga lang din. sa ABC-Channel 5 ipapalabas. apparently, it's just one big showdown sa saturday as performance night then results show sa sunday. 8-10 pm i think =0

  3. Thanks doc for posting this... Fan ako ni Taylor nung contestant palang sya sa American Idol.

  4. hey carlo. no problem. you have three shows to choose from! hope you'll find time to watch. it ought to be quite a show =]

  5. not an american idol fan because it sort of reminds me of sheryn regis and erik santos when they did that abs-cbn singing contest thing eons ago. yuck. cheap and so i thought AI would be the same. although i sometimes watch the show because of their cute contestants (blake and chris d.). pero i dont religiously follow the show. taylor hicks was the one who went up against kath mcphee right? i wanted mcphee to win.

  6. omg, nina. not a bea fan. now, neither an AI nor a Star In A Million follower as well. tapos non-Taylor Hicks fan pa hahahaha san pa kaya tayo magkaiba? =]

    we were rooting for the underdog, that season of AI hence our support for Taylor Hicks...

    He's fantastic nonetheless =]

  7. whatever. basta. im not a bea fan because may crush kami ng mga friends ko kay john lloyd. bwahaha.

    besides, in star in a million, i wanted sheryn to win but then again what the hell happened?! si erik ang nanalo?! yung badudels na yun?! and look at those two now...mas sikat pa si christian bautista!

    naku naman sir, dont tell me your a pbb, scq and starstuck fanatic as well? goodness...i hate those shows.

  8. no comment harhar let's just say- i'm a fan of pop culture =]


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