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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pls support / TEAM AIHO for Project Pagsulong!

Dearest family, friends, colleagues, visitors, and passers-by:

Pls support our social entrepreneurship project called .  is an online portal that aims to be a platform to help match health professionals with great career opportunities match, including work in lower income communities, to help make health human resources more equitably distributed in the Philippines. It is spearheaded by a group of young doctors serving in NGOs, far-flung municipalities, and various government agencies in the Philippines to help enhance the health and well-being of Filipinos.

We are currently a finalist in a national competition called Project Pagsulong, sponsored by PLDT, RFM, the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines Alumni Community, among other partners. Start-up funds will be given to the winning team in the competition proper. 

To sweeten the pot, P100,000 will be awarded to the People’s Choice. Pls help Team AIHO, the team behind   become the People’s Choice =] Here are the ways  how:

1. Thru the competition website:
Please go to and click VOTE NOW. Currently, you can vote every 12 hours BUT on March 14, you can cast UNLIMITED number of votes from 8AM to 5PM (Manila time / 8pm-5am EST / +8 GMT).

2. Thru Facebook:
Pls LIKE and SHARE the Infographic of Team AIHO – which you can find here:

Pls LIKE and SHARE the : Infographic within the contest album  until 5pm  of March 14 for them to be counted.

3. Thru TwitterPlease tweet

#SulongNatin #AIHO

from 8AM to 5PM of March 14 to show support for

Thank you for taking time to support our cause =]

Team AIHO of

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