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Friday, August 13, 2010

Worse than the 2004 tsunami: UNICEF's call for help for Pakistan


Here is the information-appeal from the UNICEF USA Fund, soliciting support for Pakistan's children affected by the devastating floods of the past weeks:

GENEVA/ISLAMABAD (August 11, 2010) — As the figures continue to rise, UNICEF says that 6 million children have been affected by the floods in Pakistan with some 2.7 million children in need of urgent, lifesaving assistance.

According to UN estimates, a total of 14 million people have been affected by the flood crisis. Hundreds of thousands have received humanitarian aid, but millions more urgently need shelter, food, water, and health care. Flooding could worsen considerably in the coming days, especially in parts of Sindh.

"This is the biggest natural disaster to hit Pakistan and this region in living memory, bigger than the Tsunami or the earthquake, with millions of children and women struggling to survive in dire conditions. It is a race against time as we rush to deliver supplies to affected populations. The waters are still rising and we are bracing for flood waves as rivers overflow and the rains continue," said Martin Mogwanja, UNICEF Representative in Pakistan.

"Shelter is the most urgent need, while food, water, and health care are also critical. Right now we need to save lives and create temporary living conditions for the 1.8 million homeless. It is a massive task and we are not there yet. Once we are, we can begin to think about the longer-term recovery of regions in Pakistan which have suffered widespread devastation," added Mogwanja.

UNICEF is sending in humanitarian supplies for health, nutrition, water and sanitation, child protection, and education.


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Blogger verabear said...

I do hope they get the much needed aid very soon. We know how devastating a disaster such as the one they had could be. Prayers go out for the children and people for Pakistan!

Saturday, August 14, 2010 4:38:00 PM  

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